Trap Metal Arsenal Artists On The Rise | May 15th

The following artists were selected from the comments on our social media pages and are being awarded this mention for demonstrating positive character by showing other artists' support. We love to see it! And that is why we run this monthly Artists On The Rise list! Because it's the ones that support and show love to everyone that we see rise to the highest mountain peaks. Being genuine makes you royalty.

Helli is a super hard-working artist from Ukraine who has been raising through the ranks of the music industry and learning new skills as she goes along. She is also super supportive which makes her stand out among the rest!

XDIUM is a super diverse artist on the rise. He can do everything from Extreme Trap Metal to heartfelt emo music. I recently discovered this artist scanning the comments on our IG page and when I checked out his music I absolutely loved what I found!

This is a super unique artist that recently landed on my radar by just being an outstanding artist. Major Grey has a very grunge style mixed with underground hip-hop that sets him apart from the rest! I love hearing an artist that sounds completely different yet familiar at the same time! 

CEO of @lordsofthenine and founder of @badsexclothing Sapphire is a powerhouse of an artist/entrepreneur with a lane all to himself! We feel very honored to have him bless our comments with his presence. This is definitely one to keep an eye on!

This artist has been supporting Trap Metal Arsenal from the very beginning. And we always see him showing other artists' support as well. Canadian Trap Metal music enthusiast XDTDX is a must have for your radar if you are looking for someone who is consistent with it!

An extremely supportive artist with a rare style. Grim's music is a cross between hip-hop and alternative rock. He can do clean vocals as well as dark horrorcore-type tracks and has a cadence all his own. Definitely, someone to have on your radar!



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