Topps Trap Metal Trading Cards by TRAPMETAL.NET


Yep. These just went into production. Purely a novelty item to help promote longevity within my company. Normally I use my new opportunities and assets to promote others, but I decided to show my self love for once and went with my side project alias / character, DEADLY The Goat. 

Now i've seen a lot of people start trading card side businesses, buts its almost always DIY and bootleg. These trading cards are actually Official Topps trading cards! And quite a bit of money went into artwork itself. I didn't just grab random images. This is a character that has been processed through several graphic artists and artistic directors to get to where it is now. Something that evolved over time. 

These will be minted and sold through the Record Label Shopify store when it launches, and a few lucky magazine subscribers will get one in their pack when the next issue of Trap Metal Arsenal drops!

I will need to get proper licensing to make cards of bigger artists. But each genre / magazine / branch of my label will have its own series of cards. Or this is the plan at least. 



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