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A Single review I did for a national touring pop punk / trap artist named Metronome. Read it and weep on 

"National touring artist and DJ, Metronome is back on the scene with a surprise pop punk curve ball smacking you right in the face. Normally Metronome can be seen bringing down the house to Hip Hop and Trap Music with the likes of Stoner Jordan, but with this release he shows us his soft side on a certified pop punk banger.

The song opens up with some familiar emo post hardcore guitar riffs, and a tag signaling to the brain that is a beat and not band performance. The build up continues along with Metronome beginning his recorded vocal performance, hitting us with relatable lyrics right out the gate. "Feels like one day I woke up. Next thing you know we broke up" A dark place we all know too well. And you are not alone because Metronome is here to let you know, he feels your pain. Empathy is the difference between an opportunist, and a rock star.

The beat is a very healthy fusion of a full pop punk band and a hyperpop type beat. It gets the blood pumping and really makes you wanna move. Metronome is one of those artists with a lot of energy and great stage presence, so one can only assume this song is probably a pleasure to see live.

The relatable content continues. Metronome opens up and tells us a heart breaking story about being star struck, falling in love, and being left in the dust she kicked up behind her. But it's not his ex he misses. It's his daughter. He mentions her a few times in the track and its very clear this is a man with Good Character. And I say this because in the industry people aren't often honest about having kids, and most marketing is in-fact an illusion. So when we hear some genuine lyrics like this we gotta take a second to appreciate how humble and unpretentious this artist is.

Although this song does have some dark topics, overall the track is very positive and up-lifting. This is not something you listen to in your room while you cry over love lost. This is something you bump in the car, on the way to the function with your homies. Metronome makes you want to forget the past, and look forward to the future.

And that is why I give "One Day" by Metronome a 10 out of 10. Out now on all streaming platforms."



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